Tingjun Chen and Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi selected as 2017 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship finalists


Tingjun Chen and Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi have been selected as one of finalist teams for the 2017 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QInF). This year's QInF recevied 116 applications from 18 universities. Tingjun and Mahmood's project is titled “Full-Duplex MIMO Wireless: From IC Design to Networking”. It builds on recent FlexICoN project results and focuses on integrating full-duplex with compact IC-based phased arrays and MIMO transceivers with a novel solution to cancel the self-interference and cross-talk-self-interference. The team will follow a cross-layered approach to holistically study the physical (PHY) and the Medium Access Control (MAC) layers for full-duplex MIMO wireless networks, including small cell and Wi-Fi networks.

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