FlexICoN project participates in the $22.5M NSF PAWR COSMOS testbed

FlexICoN project participates in the $22.5M NSF PAWR COSMOS testbed

NSF Announced a $22.5M Platforms for Advanced Wireless (PAWR) Grant awarded to the COSMOS project led by Rutgers, Columbia, and NYU in partnership with New York City, Silicon Harlem, City College of New York, and University of Arizona. The goal of the COSMOS project is to deploy an advanced wireless research testbed in West Harlem with technology focus on ultra-high bandwidth and low latency wireless communication tightly coupled with edge computing.  

The Columbia FlexICoN project, which is a collaboration between research groups led by the COSMOS Columbia PI Prof. Gil Zussman and COSMOS co-PI Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy, will support the integration and experimentation of full-duplex wireless in the city-scale COSMOS testbed. In particular:

  • The FlexICoN team integrated the first open-access remotely-accessible full-duplex transceiver with the Rutgers ORBIT wireless testbed to allow the community to experiment with full-duplex wireless. A demonstration of the open-access full-duplex transceiver was presented at IEEE INFOCOM’18. The integration was led by Ph.D. student Tingjun Chen from WiMNet lab and Ph.D. student Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi from CoSMIC Lab. The open-access full-duplex transceiver in ORBIT was demonstrated during the COSMOS site visit.
  • During the site visit, the FlexICoN team, in collaboration with Prof. Dan Kilper’s group, also demonstrated real-time full-duplex wireless over city-scale fiber where the baseband samples of a full-duplex transceiver were streamed over 14 miles of dark fiber, supporting wideband, low-latency remote signal processing of digital self-interference cancellation.
  • The next generation of the full-duplex transceiver, currently under development by the FlexICoN project, will be integrated with the COSMOS testbed.

The project was announced at Columbia University on Apr. 10, 2018 - see here, #PAWR, and #PAWRCOSMOS. More details about the project are available in the COSMOS team press release, NSF press release, New York City press release.

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