FlexICoN's full-duplex demo featured in the Columbia Data Science Institute Data Science Day press release

The following demo was presented in the Columbia Data Science Institute Data Science Day.
Tingjun Chen, Rel Fogel, Nicole Grimwood, Jelena Marašević, Jin Zhou,Harish Krishnaswamy, and Gil Zussman, FlexICoN: A Self-Interference-Cancelling Full-Duplex Enabling Next-Generation Wireless Communications, Apr. 2016
FlexICoN's full-duplex demo is featured as one of the four demos out of tens of demos and posters presented in Data Science Institute Data Science Day held on April 6th.
"Several projects emerged from the research groups of Electrical Engineering Professors Gil Zussman and Harish Krishnaswamy, investigating how to maximize potential use of scarce spectrum for better wireless communication. One project, FlexICon, is working on full duplex radios capable of canceling out interference to be able to transmit and receive simultaneously, expected to be a key component of 5G technology." [Original story]
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